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Corona Interviews: Psychologist Martyn Stewart on Panic Behaviour and Confirmation Bias

My name is Martyn Stewart. I’m a Chartered Psychologist and Consultant here in Qatar from England. And I work with people with their mental well-being how everybody’s behaving is normal. This is expected that everybody would behave like this because we have never dealt with anything like this before so people don’t have any programs […]

Corona Interviews: CEO Alexander Hildebrand on Contingency Plan in Event Business

My name is Alexander. I’m the chairman and CEO of Luxury Trade & Marketing Group what also includes lifestyle equipment Solutions a biggest rental company for equipment and Furniture. We have also a supply chain for Hospitality with full-service like coffee and also we have operating dinner in the sky. All of them right now […]

Corona Interviews: Artist Behnaz Larssen on her Creativity & Art

I am Behnaz Larssen, I am from Iran, Tehran, and I have been living in Qatar for almost thirteen years, but at three different times. I am a realist, though not a photorealist. I paint dreams. Usually, when I paint I only see things that are positive. So that’s why I could never paint anything […]

Making Most of Your Un-busy Times in Business

Making Most of Your Un-Busy Times in Business With supply and demand slowing down drastically, here are some tips to leverage the corona crisis to your benefit. Read on for a full corona business continuity plan. Beginning in February 2020, the world as we know it came to a grinding halt due to the coronavirus […]

Most Efficient Home-Office Software for Communication (2020)

Project Management Software to Boost Your Efficiency (2020) In today’s digital age, there’s nothing like a good software program to boost your efficiency. Whether you’re running a Fortune 500 company, a mid-sized firm, or even a small business, project management software can help you streamline your business. So what project management software is the best? […]