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How Our Cities Can be Redesigned For Social Distancing

This year’s events have served as a painful reminder that even with modern technology, we’re still subject to the dangers of infectious disease. As we successfully flatten the curve and lockdown restrictions are being eased, city planners are now placed in an uncomfortable position. How do you let people back into public while remaining safe?

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How Health Tech is Evolving and Why We’re Late in Digitizing It

Life before the COVID-19 pandemic feels like a distant memory – a memory that we might never be able to fully relive again. The global turmoil set in place by the invisible virus has changed more than just our lifestyles; its effects have shifted the trajectory of our way of thinking, our roles in the

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Virtual Art

Moudhi Hamad Abusatwa Al-Hajri

Name:  Moudhi Hamad Abusatwa Al-Hajri Education:  Bachelor of Science Occupation:  Artist (Painting on silk, Graphics and Photography) Memberships: Awards: The Anqa’ International Exhibition Golden award 2014 The Arabian Woman Award 2013 Business Women Group Award 2013 Kuwait’s third summit for Khaliji Visual Art Award Personal Exhibitions: The First Art Exhibition:  Painting on silk, 1999. The

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Virtual Art

Abdulrahman Al Dorani

Abdulrahman Al Dorani is a fine artist from Qatar. His work in general moves along two trajectories, realism and expressionism, documenting the heritage of his country in one, while incorporating modern innovations and flourishes in another. He is entirely self-taught artist and lives to be creative. He is inspired by things he sees around him

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The Future of Physical Offices and Workspaces

Everything from the film industry to the workspace is being challenged by changes in communication made necessary by the coronavirus lockdown. Some companies and researchers are proclaiming this to be the end of the traditional office space. This implies that the current work from home environment is not a learning opportunity for how we conduct

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Financial Opportunities in the Corona Era

The coronavirus has had a natural impact on the global economy by reducing business activity, causing some industries to reduce their output and many small businesses to temporarily or permanently close. The broader impact of the virus on global finances, however, is evident in changing market expectations related to stability as the corona era heads

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