Custom-built, innovative and furnished offices

Custom-built, innovative and furnished offices.

For any team sizes, Workinton Serviced offices provide everything a team needs, and eliminates all the energy and cost spent on running an office, such as cleaning, maintenance, IT, and beverages. Allowing you to focus on what really matters – your success.

There are no one-fit-for-all offices in Workinton workspaces. We understand your team’s needs from team capacity to IT requirements to branding requests and design your space accordingly – to fit towards your goals.

WorkinMember that opts for this option, recieves a serviced office to themselves and their company. this office is well equipped with all the latest technologies and they get to use our super fast net too. they also get to use our co working space and get to network with other fellow members of Workinton. They receive the best secretarial service with a some degree of usage of meeting room.They will be entitled to our business address and also will be able to grow and expand as a company with Workinton.


Workinton Alfardan Centre has multiple membership options that you can choose from, or simply craft for your team’s needs. If there is availability in our workspaces, then certainly anytime of the year for any duration of lease contract is possible.

Each membership model and number of teams will come with a certain parking slot that is dedicated for a team member or a freelancer, right under our building’s VIP parking area. For your guests, hosting meetings and more staff room, you can use the valet service or the free outdoor parking just next to our building.

We do not have clearly set prices, as we first understand your needs, which will shape the size, desk number, location, personnel number and IT insfrastructure of your office, which will define the final price.

Absolutely, that is why each Workinton branch comes with spacious common areas, multiple meeting rooms and pantry, chilling areas at which you can host your guests in quality.

Our sole aim is to allow our members to focus on what matters, performance. So everything that comes to your mind in an ideal office is provided with no additional fee at Workinton offices. The monthly/annual lease fee will include your office rent, internet, maintenance, office suypplies, printing, cleaning, IT service, coffee and tea, breakfast bites, parking, secretariat service, meeting room access and so on. On top of not paying extras, Workinton’s services actually help you cut down admin costs drastically by eliminating the need for additional work like cleaning, maintenance, office admin and so on.

No, we provide fully serviced workspaces with 0 hidden costs.

Yes, trade license, official business address, dedicated secretariat service and P.O box will be provided upon checking-in to your new office.

Absolutely, at Workinton we don’t believe that success comes at 9 to 5 windows. Our workspaces are 7/24 accessible and open.


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