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Become a Certified Ai Entrepreneur

A Virtual 6 Week Program designed to furnish all Entrepreneur with the skillset, knowledge, and drive to build innovative Ai startup projects.

All participants in this program will compete in teams. The top teams will receive awards and monetary prizes. All participants who successfully complete the program are eligible for the CAIE certification awarded by the Rochester Institute of Technology and Stallion AI Institute.

About the
CAIE Program

  • Dual major = AI + entrepreneurship
  • 6-week instructor-guided online training + championship program.
  • Weekly online live workshops + resources + AI Lab to create AI projects and prototypes
  • Certified by Rochester Institute of Technology and Stallion AI Institute
  • Languages: English, Arabic


  • Understand AI + entrepreneurship
  • Identify and discover real-life Ai use cases across different sectors that maximize impact and feasibility.
  • Create your go-to-market strategy and an Ai prototype as part of the start up project.
  • Learn how to pitch your startup to regional and international venture capital firms with potential of generous funding.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge to becoming Verified AI Citizen (VAIC)
  • Learn to build an AI Entrepreneur Mindset
  • Learn how to manage AI projects using the Machine Learning (ML) Project Framework
  • AI Business Model Canvas (AI- BMC)
  • Learn how to create ML prototype
  • Learn how to pitch startup projects and raise funding from Venture Capital firms

This event made possible by 8Dimension with Ai Stallion. The CAIE (Certified AI Entrepreneur Championship Program) will start on 28th of February 2022.

Deadline of registration is until 22nd of February 2022.