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The Second Boom of E-commerce and How It’s Changing the Stay at Home Game

Meta: The fairly recent boom of e-commerce as a result of novel coronavirus will continue to change the stay at home game. It’s likely that businesses that are quick to strategically move their trades online will survive now and post-pandemic. The continued spread of novel COVID-19 has impacted every part of our lives, from how […]

How Our Cities Can be Redesigned For Social Distancing

This year’s events have served as a painful reminder that even with modern technology, we’re still subject to the dangers of infectious disease. As we successfully flatten the curve and lockdown restrictions are being eased, city planners are now placed in an uncomfortable position. How do you let people back into public while remaining safe? […]

How Health Tech is Evolving and Why We’re Late in Digitizing It

Life before the COVID-19 pandemic feels like a distant memory – a memory that we might never be able to fully relive again. The global turmoil set in place by the invisible virus has changed more than just our lifestyles; its effects have shifted the trajectory of our way of thinking, our roles in the […]