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Workinton Qatar by Alfardan Properties in partnership with MAPS International W.L.L introduces ‘Arts’. A concept that bridges the gap bringing artists to a larger network. With a combination of ‘Opening Night’, tours and workshops Workinton aims to educate a wider audience to connect with these artists and the creative world. We believe in the importance of creativity and want to extend our support by displaying artists physically within our branches and the online gallery.

MAPS is a Qatar based art gallery & a Qatari Company that provides a significant forum for cultural dialog between all artists from different cultures. MAPS helps artists through festivals, exhibitions, gallery representation, magazine reviews and advertisements, press releases, internet promotion as well as various cultural projects worldwide. It provides a significant forum for cultural dialog between all artists from different cultures.


Lina Alaali​

Lina Alaali is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Qatar Society of Fine Arts and has won the third place for the best theatrical text for doll stage in 2022.

Photo of Moudhi Al Hajri

Moudhi Hamad Abusatwa Al-Hajri

Moudhi Alhajri is a visual artist from Qatar. Her passion fuels her work and in every art project she chooses to pursue, a humanitarian message coveys itself as the audience unravels the artwork.

Abdulrahman Al Dorani

His work in general moves along two trajectories, realism and expressionism, documenting the heritage of his country in one, while incorporating modern innovations and flourishes in another.

Juan Miguel Ramirez

ICARO - Juan Miguel Ramirez

His work is a dream of light. The light, like cameras, kept in mind, and the night, this light sticks out into our dream.



Her work can be described as allegories. Behnaz speaks of a migrant, a mother, a daughter and all the other occupants of her imagination.

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