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Maria T. Costantini Al-Bader

WorkinLife presents : Maria Costantini Al-Bader

Born in 1962 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Maria got involved in different charity associations and was able to discover her vocation to voluntary work.

In 1992 she was the President of the International Charity Voluntary Association of Sudan, an organization, which through fundraising activities, helps the local orphanages and disables people associations. And in 2008 assumed the presidency of the Ambassadress Group in Brazil, charity group that provide help to local nurseries for working mothers of low income resources, as well hospitals in the Federal District.

It was precisely through the volunteer work that in 2010 she met the person who was her mentor in porcelain painting, the Brazilian Plastic Artist and Curator Clara Vivian Rosa, and began to take classes in her atelier “Clara Art” in Brasilia, Brazil.

“I discovered that porcelain painting is magical! The porcelain colors pigments comes in powder and has to be mixed with a medium or copaiba oil to be used. When I paint, I transmit my feelings by choosing the theme, mixing the colors and giving life to a white porcelain piece. The true paint color is only reveled after the piece is fired in the kiln at a high temperature. There is chemistry inside the kiln between the artist’s expression, the paint and temperature. And the result is fascinating. That’s why I say it is magical”


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