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Getting Ready for Web Summit Qatar

Getting Ready for Web Summit Qatar

Web Summit Qatar is a great opportunity for startups in Qatar to engage. This event is all about understanding more of how we can, as an ecosystem.

A Digital Nightmare: How Your Productivity Can Crash Due to Browser Hijacking

In this vast cyber-scape we dwell in, the sanctity of your online life pivots around one vital point – security. An insidious hazard lurking in the shadowy corners of this digital domain is something known as browser hijacking. I must confess, I was blissfully ignorant of this dark craft until I became its casualty. This […]

The Art Project: A Love Letter to Qatar Exhibition Now Open at Workinton M7

In September 2021, Workinton Qatar launched The Art Project: A Love Letter to Qatar 2030 inviting artists from various disciplines to submit a proposal for an art piece they would create that reflects their love to Qatar. In March 2022, after numerous submissions, winners were selected and announced during the opening night of Workinton’s fourth […]