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What Types of Companies are Using Our Coworking Spaces Today? 

At Workinton Qatar, we pride ourselves on cultivating a dynamic, diverse community of professionals. From leading multinationals to promising startups, our coworking spaces host organizations across sectors and stages. We specifically offer two tailored solutions: 

Workinton Suites provide move-in ready office units for teams of up to 50 members. Each private suite comes fully equipped with its own meeting room, private office, pantry, and open coworking area perfect for collaborative work. We take care of supportive services like printing stations, coffee machines, IT support, cleaning, maintenance, mail handling and more so companies can stay focused.   

Global brands currently leveraging Workinton Suites include: 

Snapchat: The massively popular social media and camera app company uses our suites as a regional springboard. Our creative environment sparks innovations for better engaging youth demographics.   

Deliveroo: Our UK-born food delivery partner taps our spaces to coordinate delectable meals reaching customers in Qatar. Their team plugs into our community to enable smooth logistics. 

Sprinklr: This unicorn startup offers AI-powered customer experience software. With an outpost centered in our suite, they can tap into the surrounding tech ecosystem to discover skilled talent.  

Accenture: The well-regarded consultancy houses an agile team with us concentrated on furthering organizational digital transitions. Our support services empower them to fully focus advisory skills on advancing client goals.   

For larger groups establishing new regional headquarters, our Workinton Enterprise solution provides fully bespoke offices tailored to complex needs. We guide clients end-to-end from strategic planning to concept design down to turnkey setup and ongoing management support. With our financing options, costs can even be conveniently amortized over contract durations for worry-free payment flexibility.  

Global giants powered by Workinton Enterprise include:   

Multinational Investment Bank(confidential): A leading investment bank chose us to adeptly develop their sizable new Qatar offices aligned to business objectives.  

Charles Russel Speechlys: We assisted this major UK law firm to seamlessly transition into the local legal market with a custom-built new hub outfitted for their team. 

By leveraging Workinton Enterprise and Suite we deliver tailored spaces for members to confidently build their regional presence.   

And our offerings extend far beyond just physical offices. We also integrate HR solutions, IT infrastructure, maintenance, housekeeping and more into the very fabric of each organization’s operations for ideal workflow optimization. This enables complete peace of mind so companies can purely concentrate on powering their purpose and business growth.  

Additionally, our members experience tremendous benefits by tapping into the meaningful connections and opportunities that spontaneously arise from our one-of-a-kind multinational community. Barriers dissolve as professionals engage in wellness activities, networking forums, informational seminars, skills training and more. 

The diversity of our member base is what makes Workinton Qatar truly unique. We house everyone from mature Fortune 500 corporations to rising startups within one collaborative hub. Bringing together creators, innovators and business builders across so many realms enables magical things to transpire thanks to spontaneous exchange of ideas.   

And maturity level does not matter – sometimes a scrappy startup pivot can spark a legacy brand’s next game-changing move. The casual community interactions coworking permits lead to all kinds of incredible professional collisions. The whole environment fuses innovation, energy and inspiration.   

We cannot wait to see what collaborative magic unfolds next here. Whether you are a giant like Snapchat or Charles Russell Speechlys or a promising start up similar to Cwallet, there is room for you to grow with us at Workinton Qatar. Our tailored spaces and stellar business support services create the optimal springboard. 

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