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Work From Anywhere in Doha: A Week of Coworking with Workinton Qatar

Just imagine getting your work done at a different office location every day of the week. This is not just about hopping from workspace to workspace. It’s about finding balance and calm through being a workspace nomad. With Workinton Qatar’s Community Nomad Membership, you gain exclusive access to a network of coworking spaces, offering you the flexibility to work where you need to be. This flexibility enables you to choose your workspace between convenience, proximity, or your work requirements. Of course, to each their own, if you prefer to be at one location, the standard coworking community membership is what you are looking for.

Workinton Qatar’s network of strategically placed coworking spaces allows you to ditch the daily commute and discover a new facet of the city each day. This week-long itinerary showcases the diverse work environments Workinton offers, seamlessly integrated with vibrant experiences one can enjoy in Doha.

Fun fact, all our locations are accessible via Public Transport.

Sunday: Sunrise in Souq Waqif

Begin your week at Workinton Alfardan Centre, nestled right next to the captivating Souq Waqif. Spread across two levels, it’s a vibrant hub of activity. With a spacious Amphitheatre and coworking space that are filled with entrepreneurs and businesses from all sorts of industries and backgrounds.
Arrive early to witness the sunrise bathe the bustling marketplace in a warm glow and grab our morning breakfast croissant for members. Settle into a light-filled workspace, where the morning hustle of the Souq provides a unique backdrop to tackle your emails. After a productive morning, take a well-deserved break to explore the labyrinthine alleyways, filled with aromatic spices, handcrafted souvenirs, and hidden cultural gems. In the afternoon, collaborate with colleagues in a modern meeting room, or find a quiet corner in a private office to focus on individual tasks before refueling at one of the Souq’s traditional restaurants. That’s a fun and productive day for sure!

Monday: Power Up and Network in West Bay

Energized by the weekend and the vibrant Souq experience, relocate your workday to Workinton West Bay, situated at the heart of Doha’s business district. Ascend to the 7th floor and be greeted by a panoramic vista of the city skyline. Designed with a 360-degree window layout, our space is bathed in natural light, fostering an inspiring environment conducive to productivity. This breathtaking view will surely energize you for the week ahead. The sleek, modern workspace offers a variety of options, from private desks for focused work to comfortable lounges for brainstorming sessions with colleagues. During your lunch break, step outside and network with other professionals at one of the many cafes in West Bay.

Tuesday: Escape to the Future: Lusail City

Craving a change of scenery? Head north to Workinton Lusail. Located in the futuristic metropolis of Lusail City, this state-of-the-art workspace reflects the city’s innovative spirit. Situated within the prestigious Burj Alfardan. This architectural gem, recognized with numerous accolades including the Best International High-Rise Development in 2021 and Green Commercial Building in 2020, stands as a testament to excellence in design and sustainability, developed and managed by Alfardan Properties. The dynamic environment, adorned with cutting-edge technology, is ideal for boosting creativity and problem-solving. Mingle with fellow professionals from diverse backgrounds in the communal areas or find a quiet corner to tackle your to-do list. You will be in good company.

In the afternoon, explore the futuristic cityscape of Lusail, a glimpse into Qatar’s progressive future. Visit the iconic Marina, or take a stroll along the waterfront promenade, soaking in the city’s modern architecture.

Wednesday: Unwind and Innovate in Msheireb Downtown

Experience the future of work at Workinton M7, nestled within the innovative Msheireb Downtown. This vibrant space is the result of a collaboration between two powerhouse names in Qatar, Alfardan Properties and Qatar Museums, curating a unique environment that celebrates artistry and ingenuity. The sustainable smart city boasts a vibrant atmosphere that is sure to spark ideas and ignite collaboration. Fuel your productivity with a healthy lunch from one of the on-site cafes, then unwind in the beautifully designed breakout spaces. Take advantage of the afternoon to explore the city’s sustainability initiatives, including electric car charging stations, the Tram and lush green spaces.

Thursday: Blend Work and History

Return to Workinton Alfardan Centre for a dose of history, seamlessly integrated with your workday. In between meetings or focused work sessions, delve into the rich tapestry of Qatari cultural heritage. The National Museum of Qatar, located just minutes away, offers a captivating journey through the country’s past. Alternatively, explore the captivating art galleries showcasing contemporary Qatari masterpieces. The convenient location of Workinton Alfardan Centre allows you to seamlessly blend work and exploration, maximizing your time in Doha.

This is where people work, better.

With Workinton Qatar’s flexible memberships, you can choose the workspace that best suits your needs and your desired workday experience. Embrace the freedom and convenience of a coworking lifestyle, all while discovering the diverse neighborhoods and hidden treasures of Doha. From the historical charm of Souq Waqif to the futuristic vision of Lusail City, Workinton allows you to experience Qatar like never before.  

To get started, share your details and begin the journey to curating your own unforgettable week of work and exploration.

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