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5 Reasons Why Co-Working Spaces Make Good Financial Sense

Freelancers. Entrepreneurs. Start-ups. It gets to a stage when working from your home office just won’t cut it.

But the prospect of finding your first office space can be daunting. Taking on your own office rental contract can be both a practical and financial burden.

Luckily, there are alternatives. Co-working spaces are a flexible option. And they’re good for the business bank balance too.

Here are five reasons why co-working spaces make good financial sense:

You Save Money on Overheads

Rent and utilities take up a huge chunk of your budget when you’re renting your own office. And, if money is tight, you might not be able to afford the size and style of office you’d like.

In a co-working space, you get office facilities that you could only dream of if you were going it alone.

State-of-the-art work space. Lightning fast internet speeds. Meeting rooms destined to impress your clients.

You save money without having to sacrifice work space, style and facilities.  

You Save Money on Office Maintenance and Support

An office doesn’t clean itself. Entrepreneurs who rent a whole office will need to employ a cleaning service.

They will also require some degree of IT support.

And they’ll have to call in maintenance guys when something goes wrong with the building or office equipment.

A co-working space will deal with all of these office maintenance tasks. And whether it’s an in-house team or a contractor, big offices tend to get good deals.

These economies of scale can then be passed on to the freelancers and business owners who work there.

You Save Money on Office Equipment

Getting the right equipment for your own office is essential but also often expensive. A printer, photocopier, phone and video conferencing systems – these things don’t come cheap.

You also need to maintain office supplies like paper and stationery. And don’t forget the all-important tea and coffee.

In the best co-working spaces, these resources are included in your rental fee.

And because big offices are able to buy in bulk, you get good value for money. Another reason why co-working spaces make good financial sense.

A Happy Work Space is a Productive One

The environment you work in has a huge impact on your productivity.

Natural light. Comfortable chairs. Equipment that can be relied upon to work properly. Little things like these really make a big difference to your motivation.

Working alongside a community of likeminded people can also help. Seeing other people driving forward their businesses and having opportunities for collaboration can take an enterprise to the next level.

The right kind of co-working space will provide all of these benefits. And by having this positive impact on your company productivity, a co-working space will benefit your company finances too.

You Save Time

Office management is a stress and a hassle. Let a co-working space take office management off your hands, and you instantly have more working hours in the day.  

You don’t need to dash out for printer paper. Or chase up your cleaning contractors. Or search for a cheaper electricity supplier. A good co-working space will cover all of the logistics.

That means you can focus on growing your business. Which makes excellent use of your time and therefore great financial sense too.

Co-working spaces save businesses money. But it’s not just about the bottom line.

Find the right co-working space and you’ll enjoy spending time in the office environment. You’ll have a readymade business community around you.

And you’ll have peace of mind. With office management in hand, you get to concentrate on the really important stuff – achieving your business objectives and getting to where you want to go.

If you think a co-working space makes good financial sense for you and your enterprise, contact Workinton today for information on the world-class co-working services we provide.


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