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Our top 5 tips to create a thriving community

Recruit the right members:

Make sure you onboard the right people who will be willing to engage with other members and truly have the coworking mindset. A crucial part of creating a healthy community is to bring together like-minded people and to encourage interactions and collaborations. Although you might want to bring people on board for the sole purpose of generating revenue, this could hurt the community spirit down the line, as these people would be more likely to leave the community or would have very minimal interaction and impact within the community itself.

Share your vision:

Make sure all your members understand the values of your coworking space. This advice goes for any kind of community you are looking to create but is even more relevant when it comes to coworking spaces. You need to clearly express the values and benefits of being part of such a community in order for your members to buy into your values and become brand advocates. Very simple tips are to have an airtight onboarding process, regularly interact with your community, take the pulse of your spaces, and stay in the know of what the community might need or want.

Create rituals:

Your vision is clear, and you’ve onboarded the right people. Now it’s time to give the people what they want. Create shared moments and rituals that your members can take part in, enable exchange and experiences, and make memories together. A happy member is a loyal member. At Workinton Qatar, we make sure to organize weekly gatherings with our members, the Workin’social, so everyone gets to know each other, mingle, and create long-lasting connexions!

Trust your members:

After you’ve spent time learning what matters to your members and you’ve created a space that fits their needs, trust them to keep the space and the community alive. As long as there is an easy-to-follow process that encourages interaction, they will do the rest. And you can be there to witness it every step of the way!

Reward your members:

It is very important to make your members feel valued and seen! At Workinton Qatar, we take that task very seriously. We talk about our members and feature them regularly on our social media to spread their stories, we foster collaborations and partnerships under our platform #StrongerTogether, and we reward our most active and enthusiastic members, our #Workin’stars.

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