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Best Ways to Skip Meals During Working Hours

Do you rush to the canteen or nearby restaurant during a lunch break to have a bite? Do you find it hard to skip a meal while at work, because you want to chew something?

The major reason behind this is because our society has been so obsessed with work and barely spare more than 10 minutes to eat. 

This article discusses the best possible ways to skip meals during work hours without affecting your physical and mental wellbeing. 

  • Create a Time table: time is the only currency once spent that can never be recovered. Create a schedule for all your daily activities and make sure you don’t include strenuous activities after lunch breaks. Take, for instance, fixing a meeting with the board or employees immediately after lunch, can create enough stress during lunch break because they you won’t be properly rested. Make sure any activities you have after your lunch break are activities that will help in boosting your productivity.
  • Take a little time to relax during your lunch break: Every employee deserves at least 20 minutes break off work to either eat or relax. Use this break period to add one or more value to yourself, take your time to either meet with friends, read a book, read a newspaper, or walk around the office. Try not to go through your phone, instead focus on how to revitalize your body. Take enough water to help you relax instead of munching those snacks. 
  • Take a stroll away from your desk at intervals: It is not ideal medically to sit at a position for an extended period because it can be injurious to your health, especially your body metabolism. It is always advisable to get up from your desk during breaks so you can flex your muscles a bit. If you don’t have a desk at your office, you can do yourself much good by at least walking away from your duty post to clear your head a bit. Maybe get some fresh air and walk outside your office.
  • Make sure you enjoy your meal whenever you are eating: Enjoy your lunch, treat yourself to something special occasionally during lunch. Whenever you need to treat yourself to a special lunch, make sure you are eating a meal that fits into your diet and is healthy to your body, make sure you are not eating junk, and make sure the meal is as healthy as it can get.
  • Instead of eating, you can use your lunch break to socialize: Did you know that most employees in an organization might not know each other. The only thing they might know about each other is that they share the same office or work in the same building. You can socialize with your coworkers by getting to know them better instead of just knowing them by their names alone. You can sit down during lunch break and socialize with them. Not only are you skipping meals, but you can also learn how to build a good working relationship with your coworkers. 
  • Keep tabs on old friends: Another trick to help you skip a meal during working hours is to check on your friends occasionally during a break. If you have friends that work nearby, that’s good; if they are far from your workplace, you can call them on the phone or text them, it is very important to keep track of time, and don’t talk longer than you should do during these breaks. You can discuss what you are going through, your family, work, or any topic you think has been bothering you for a while.
  • Do activities that will help you freshen up: you want to keep your mind off that big burger or pizza bite during a lunch break, then meditating might be good for you. You can hit the gym to get busy or take a walk outside to relax and get some fresh air.
  • Avoid screens if possible: did you know that most office Jobs requires you to keep your eyes glued to the screen all through your working hours. Take a break from your screen, although this might be hard from the start, with consistent practice, you will get used to it. Take a break from your phone, computer, leave your desk space, and flex your muscles so you can revitalize your energy. 
  • Make sure your break is not too short and not too long: Every worker has an average of 30 minutes’ lunch break every day. When its lunch break, walk away from your desk and suspend all work activities. Go outside stretch your body, relax and get some fresh air, you can also check on your colleagues, but make sure you keep to time. 

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