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Early Breast Cancer Screenings for All Female Employees

If COVID-19 has taught businesses anything, it’s definitely the vitality of the health and safety of all our employees, and in this October as as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it would only be appropriate to invest in one of the most important precautionary measures that protect women’s health: early tests for breast cancer.

Now more than ever, the health and safety of all our employees is crucial and no one can afford compromising anyone’s wellbeing for the sake of the working community’s safety and to make sure companies can maintain a cohesive working ecosystem.

Breast cancer is the 2nd most popular cancer found in women and is found in almost 1 out of every eight women in the U.S., with those who test early have a 93% better chance of survival in the next five years. Therefore, it is crucial for all female employees to test early for breast cancer before it expands out of control and even ends up taking someone’s life. Multiple healthcare clinics across Doha offer breast cancer screenings via mammograms (x-ray of the breast), and a great initiative that companies can do is pay for those early cancer screenings as a progressive measure to protect some of the most important members of the company family.

Below are some quick tips from Dr. Guy Fender, Fertility Medicine and Gynecology physician at Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine for self-screening for breast cancer:

  • Always check your breasts after menstruation.
  • Check for anything irregular or uneven between the two breasts.
  • Check for any swelling or lumps on the breast area (including the armpit).
  • Use the flat part of your hands, not the tips of your fingers, to feel around your breasts for those lumps, swollen areas, and other irregularities.
  • As always, consult your gynaecologist in case you have any queries or concerns or if you notice any of these irregularities.


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