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Why is Rebranding important for your company?

What’s Rebranding?

Many companies over the years have rebranded their firm. You might think what’s rebranding, is it changing the look of your company, changing the mission of your company. Well, it’s not exactly that but it goes hand in hand. The main reason why companies do rebranding is to change the corporate image of their organization. The main vision behind rebranding is to create a whole different identity for a company.

Why is it important to Rebrand your company?

Most of the time companies do rebranding is to connect with a new audience. It gives them the ability to tap into a new audience that they haven’t explored before. This helps in the growth of the company in an ever-evolving market. Another reason to do rebranding is to set your company apart from your competitors. It showcases that you have different offers and your approach is unique from other companies. Lastly, it is important to keep your brand relevant. Time, technology and competitors tend to change consumer behavior and buying patterns, therefore, in order to stay alive business adapt their models and rebrand themselves.

How is it possible?

If you’re looking to rebrand your company this is for you. To build a company there are steps that you need to take to make it to the audience. It works the same for rebranding. The first step is to identify why are you doing it? What’s the purpose behind the rebranding of your company? Once you know you can follow it by identifying your brand team. The brand team will tell your audience the in-house benefits they can get by choosing you over your competitors. Third, you would need to complete a competitive analysis. This is one of the most important steps in rebranding as it helps in analyzing your competition by all the aspects from the logos to the brand message. That helps you in your future pitches to your consumers as well. Once you have that, the next step is to know your audience. This is to identify what they need and how your company can help to fulfil their needs. Fifth, is to define the heart of your brand which includes the mission, vision, values, and purpose what your company stands for. These elements help in influencing every aspect of your rebrand. Once you have all these steps covered it will be easier for your company to rebrand.

Example of big corporations who have done rebranding.

Apple is by far one of the best rebranding examples you can find. Apple has rebranded more than five times since 1976. When you look at Apple’s logo now and in 1976, it is a move that can be considered as effective branding. The logo is now is easily identifiable and relatable which is partly why Apple has gained a global presence. It aimed at creating a brand that people can easily connect with and it is plausible to say that it has achieved just that—many experts believe that Apple’s brand is the key to its success.


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