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Things worth celebrating in Workinton

As December is here, we at Workinton feel like celebrating. We know, this may sound strange, but although 2020 has been difficult, we pride ourselves on always keeping a positive and optimistic approach, and we want our community to feel supported and encouraged to do the same! If we look at it more closely, we do have a lot to celebrate. Cue the bells!

Our Community

We know we say this a lot, but we couldn’t be more thankful for the thriving community we are building every single day, and when we hear our Workin’Members saying that the number 1 thing they cherish at Workinton is community, we know we’ve done something right.

Being part of something bigger

Our aim at Workinton has always been to create a tight-knit and collaborative community. Our inspiration “Unite of Power” focuses on bringing all components of the startup ecosystem together under one roof through collaboration opportunities and a shared economy. Despite the pandemic, members amongst themselves generated a revenue around QAR 300,000+

Fully booked! 

It’s been a difficult year for everyone on this planet, but Workinton has managed not only to survive but to thrive during this pandemic and we are happy to report that our Lusail branch, which opened on March 9th 2020, – a day before the Covid lockdown, is now at full capacity with future members on the wait list! We have big plans for the future and the family will keep growing.

Workinton goes Corporate

At Workinton, we believe that nothing should stop you, nor slow you down from acquiring your dream office. Taking SME’s and Corporates to the next level of private and individual spaces, Workinton Qatar introduces Workinton Corporate. A hybrid model where Workinton’s culture fuses with Alfardan’s Corporate standards. Workinton Corporate consists of two products: WorkinSuites and Enterprise. Ranging from 70 to 250sqm and above, these spaces act as a blank canvas for you to design your office; Including all amenities, staff and management, all in one.

Join us this month in celebrating all that 2020 has taught us, and all that the future will bring.

Much love, the Workinton team.”


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